I’m hoping for some help in stone identification! 2. I think is amethyst 3. I’m sure is tigers eye 6. is definitely fools gold All others I’m completely baffled by. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and let me know if you would like a closer picture of a particular stone, if it would … Continue reading

Journal Excerpt

4-30-17 I’ve fallen out of habit of journaling again. I was doing really well with the Grimoire Challenge, but when that tapered off, so did my desire to journal. I guess I don’t think I’ve done anything witchy worth writing about. But that’s not entirely true. I change my altar for every season. I rearranged … Continue reading Journal Excerpt


Looking back at my posts from this challenge I realized much of the research I did was very shallow. In the process of writing my next Grimoire Challenge post I decided to delve a little deeper into magical theory; namely, how spells and rituals work, their components, and their makeup. Some of what I found … Continue reading Theory